Treating Dog Skin Problems with Oatmeal

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Treating Dog Skin Problems with


Today, Dogs must be more cared by their owners for skin problems due to increased pollution. If your dog has shown any symptoms of skin disorder then do not wait at a systematic treatment until the condition becomes worse. Pet shops claim a variety of skin care product and some of them are not rated to certain standards. Hence it is wise to look for some natural skin care remedies rather than buying chemical skin care products. Oatmeal is a wonderful natural remedy for several skin disorders found in dogs.

Oatmeal finds its application on the skin if it is ground and made as colloidal form. Colloidal oat meal product is readily available in the pet shops with minimal costs for regular use. Dog’s skin condition can be varied according to the vitamin level in the body. Omega 3 fatty acid vitamin supplements can be added to dog’s regular meal to maintain proper level of such vitamins in dog’s body.

Treating dog’s skin diseases involve various systematic medical procedures which includes both internal and external sessions. Many types of dog breeds are becoming the victim of skin rashes and hot spot due to dry skin. This is mainly because of the poor moistened skin developments. Colloidal oat meal can be used during bathing at least twice in a month for oatmeal has a characteristic of maintaining good skin tone and healthy coat. Colloidal oatmeal acts a binding substance which resists the environments impact on the skin surface.

If you had found your dog with incessant scratching then it is advised to use fast relieving product like itch stop creams from pet shops. But try to use oatmeal paste in the long run of treatments for it has reported no side effects over the years and found very effective in skin treatments. Oatmeal paste can be easily made at home if the ready made product is unavailable nearby your home city. Buy raw oatmeal and grind it with some water to make the cream like oatmeal paste. It can be directly applied to dog’s skin surface and allow it to soak at least 15 minutes. If the dry skin is too severe then apply paste three times a week or as necessary to improve the skin conditions.

Since oatmeal is considered a natural skin care agent, many dog owners use oatmeal shampoos for bathing their dogs. The regular use of oatmeal shampoo will help prevent your dog from various skin diseases and ensure stiff and healthy skin.  Along with the oatmeal treatment it is advised to keep your dog away from chemical substances and polluted environment.

It is also a good practice to minimize your dog’s activity in the outside lawns, mold and pollen. Dry skin treatment should be started in its early stages to avoid the development of eczema in dogs. By improving the living environments, grooming routine and nutritious diet, the dry skin problems in dogs can be completely eliminated and restoration of healthy skin is made possible in short time.

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